Contribute | How to Translate the Site

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Translation - Existing Terms

The Translation Interface

When logged in, visit the translation page.

Once there, you'll see the 3 sections that make up the interface.

Selected Language

The first section is made up of a drop down select box that displays each of the currently activated languages on the site.

New Term

In the 2nd section, you're presented with 3 text areas.

Translation - Add New Term

The "Context/URL" area is an optional description of where the text you are translating exists in the site. Filling out this section can help you and other Translators identify what has already been translated.

The "Original String" area is where you input the text you'd like to add a translation for. Copy & pasting the word or phrase might aid in successful translation (Note: only exact text matches will be correctly translated).

The "Translation" section is where you enter the translated version of the original text.

Add a New Term

Once you've filled in the appropriate text areas in the 'New Term' section, click "Add Term" to insert the translation into the database.

Existing Term

Translation - Existing Terms

The final section of the Translation Interface contains tabulated list of the currently existing terms that have been added by Translators. This list is controlled by the initial "Selected Language" drop down box. Selecting a different language will change the list to reflect only terms that exist for that newly selected language. You can also filter the results of this section to show only untranslated terms by selecting the checkbox just above this section.

In order to translate the page you need to put text, that you want to translate around and marks and then use translate tool to add your text (you should use copy/paste to be sure the text is exactly the same) and translation, you can also add context (from where this text was taken from)