Contribute | How To File Bugs

Notice any bugs?

Help OFLB by filing some. Your error report will be stored in a way that is triaged, tracked and actioned by our developer community. The process will take a bit of time, but is critical for keeping OFLB alive! Here's how you do it.


Visit LaunchPad and create an account. Name, email, password - very simple.


Click "Report a bug" in the top right section of the page.


Write a small summary about the issue. Something short and sweet, like "font upload not working." You will then be given a list of other bugs that may be related. If related to another bug you can tack on any additional information that might be useful; if unrelated, report a new bug.


Now you can explain the details of what's wrong. For instance, "I've been trying to upload a font but for some reason it's not registering correctly...." Then go on to describe exactly what the situation is. Be as specific as possible so the developer community can help you out.


Now that you've provided all the juicy details, submit your bug! After submitting you can then declare the importance of your bug ("Critical" to "Low"), assign it to a specific developer (if you know one).

Already found a bug?

Report it here!